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QToolbar in QMainWidnow problem

  • Hello my dear friends!

    I want to have QToolbar on main window. He should not be dockable, should be movable and after app start should be in postion 0.0.

    If i add toolbar like this:
    addToolBar(m_pToolBar );

    On start app this is docked but shouldnt

    I try this one:
    m_pToolBar->setAllowedAreas( Qt::NoToolBarArea );
    addToolBar( Qt::ToolBarArea::NoToolBarArea,m_pToolBar );

    Now toolbar disapear. It isnt drawing.

    I force draw by setVisible but it make another window ...

    Any idea?

  • The same problem with QDockWidget

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    By default the QToolBar is floatable so you should be able to move it around already.

    As for the current code, you are explicitly telling Qt that your m_pToolBar is not allowed to dock

  • QToolBar::QToolBar ( const QString & label, QMainWindow * mainWindow, QWidget * parent, bool newLine = FALSE, const char * name = 0, WFlags f = 0 )

    Constructs an empty horizontal toolbar.
    The toolbar is called name and is a child of parent and is managed by mainWindow. The label and newLine parameters are passed straight to QMainWindow::addDockWindow(). name and the widget flags f are passed on to the QDockWindow constructor.

    Use this constructor if you want to create torn-off (undocked, floating) toolbars or toolbars in the status bar.

    Does above help?

  • Alex:

    This constructor was in QT 3.x. I use QT 5.3.1 and there is not present.

    I looking in source cpp and:
    addToolBar( Qt::ToolBarArea::NoToolBarArea,m_pToolBar );
    addToolBar function doesnt work because of NoToolBarArea parameter. I should use here one of 4 sides... When toolbar is docked and i undock him everything is perfect but i want to default this toolbar will be undock and here is problem.

    If you know some function that will move toolbar from dock to position x,y ( move(x,y) doesnt work ) or i dont know ...

  • Sorry working with multiple qt versions and was tired.

    I am not sure about Qt 5, but on Qt 4
    undocking is equivalent of changing window flags.

    Example below works on my computer.
    you will have to test it on QT 5:

    @ ui.toolBarFiles->setWindowFlags(Qt::Window | Qt::FramelessWindowHint);

    doing this after toolbar is created will show it in undocked state.

  • Wow this is magic... I set this falg in constructor and all was bad... Today I set this flag after add toolabr to MainWindow and work perfect...

    Thanks Alex ;)

  • @poonury I have tried this and its working fine , but when the main window is resized the floating toolbar position is not getting adjusted to new size

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