Mac qplaintextedit navigation keys

  • Hi,

    Is there anyway to make a QPlainTextEdit on the Mac use 'windows keys' for navigation, the way qtcreator does?

    For example, I currently have to use ctrl-a/ctrl-e to go to start/end of line on the Mac. I would prefer to be able to use home/end as on pc/qtcreator. Ditto for top of document, end of document etc.

    I'm using qt4.8


  • The only way I can think of implementing this would be to subclass QPlainTextEdit and override the keypress events.

    You can monitor for specific keys or key combinations and then use QApplication::postEvent() when you find something you want to use. All events captured in the derived class should be passed back to the base class otherwise it won't work as a text editor.

    I am not sure if this is a good idea. You shouldn't use 'windows keys' on a Mac or, for that matter, OS X short cuts in Windows. OS X has it's own key shortcuts that can be used or changed if you don't like them; if your program creates it's own shortcut keys it will add confusion.

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