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  • Hello,

    Request for advice here; I would like to build a plugin for Microsoft Office using a working Qt application as the codebase.

    The question is if using ActiveX is the way to go. I have found a few ActiveX examples here but I am not sure if they are the right ones: http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/activeqt-container.html

    So the question is if using the ActiveX functionality for embedding a Qt app in Microsoft Office is the way to go or is there a smarter/better way?

    Thank you for your time.

  • im' not sure but...
    i think there could be different way to do, depending of the link type between Office and your application.
    First, i know you can easily do a "look like" apoplication with Microsoft Office by VBA code, directly inside Office.
    Also, you can like a database inside Office (by use the Excell database, or by mount an other one by odbc interface). So... database could be a way to link datas...
    Also, you can link by xml file (because Qt have xml tools ready to go, and VBA could catch xml too...).
    Maybe you can also link by Json file and ajax interface (i'm not sure).

    but for answer more closer to your question... i see this on the doc:

    so... i think the answer is: yes, you can and it seems to be the way with activeX (and also the way that Microsoft would like you go: use his tools).

    good luck.

  • OK, thanks for the feedback. Any other feedback welcome :)

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