Android app seems like exits on Back Button (in main activity)

  • Hello!

    I have one activity: @class MyActivity: extends Activity@

    When i launch my app through application launcher and then press back button something strange occures.
    Namely, my cpp class destructor is called:

    @QQuickView view;
    myClass *myClassObj = new myClass (&view);


    @explicit myClass (QObject *parent = 0): QObject(parent) { qDebug("myClass Ctor"); }@

    as i don't implicitly delete myClassObj seems like view is destroyed, but (the strange thing) MyActivity's onDestroy() is not called. So it seems like app exits but not completly;)

    But! But when i hold and press Home button to get list of running apps i see my app, but when i click on it it opens like a new instance (my changings are lost in this "instance").

    I'm using Qt5.3.1 and Qt5.4.0.

    Help me, i'm stuck.

  • As i see all qt apps running on android can't properly handle Back Button from main activity.

    What happens with your qt android apps when they starts from application launcher and then you press Back Button?

  • Seems like i found the "solution":

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