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Issue with QT Quick on Android 4.4.4

  • Hi,

    I have problems, which are partially described by this bug:

    Additionally, I have compiled example project 'gallery' for Android. For 4.2 works, for 4.4.4 does not. I have issues like:

    • check boxes cannot be checked (but internally they change value)
    • radio button cannot be checked
    • on / off switch (in this example it is bluetooth and wifi) contains 3 blue circles, when it is switched on (moved to right)
    • progress bar (which is controlled by slider) is always full, no matter what slider's value is set
    • all text fields contains strange rectangles (as presented in above bug)

    Did anyone of you had similar issues with Android 4.4.4? Is it known issue, is there some walk around for it?

    Kind regards,

  • I have the same bad issue with Android 4.4.4 on Sony Xperia Z3. The symptoms are absolutely the same as in author's post above - most of the controls look ugly and just useless...

    I tried workarounds setting the renderType for the textfields. This does not look good along with other controls... But there is no such workaround for other type of controls. Of course it is possible to completely switch off the native style, but in this case some of the controls become unusable, for example - SpinBoxes are almost impossible to use...

    I believe this issue must be fixed otherwise it makes Qt useless on new Android devices...

  • I have created a bug on this: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-45029

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