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Problems using Qt widgets in a Cocoa application

  • I have troubles in the following scenario:
    There is a Cocoa (Mac OS) application running its own event loop and I am using QWidgets within it. I do not need to insert QWidgets into Cocoa view hierarchy, they are only used independently. I am instantiating a QApplication on the main application thread before any widget, but not executing its event loop. AA_MacPluginApplication attribute is set on QApplication before instantiating it.

    The troubles I met so far:

    The application becomes unresponsive after a QDialog is closed (whether accepted or not).

    The same happens when an item in a QComboBox is clicked.

    A segmentation fault occurs when scrolling a QListWidget on a touchpad using 2-finger scrolling technique (but not when using scrollbar). Gdb backtrace:

    What might be the reasons and how to remedy this?

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