Qt 5.4 static and QML

  • Hello
    I have a QWidget application that uses some QML files. I have a statically build Qt 5.4, and when I try to build a static version of my application, I get a list of errors:
    @qrc:/QMLFiles/Resources/QML/temp_gauge.qml:1:1: module "QtQuick" is not installed
    qrc:/QMLFiles/Resources/QML/temp_gauge.qml:2:1: module "QtQuick.Controls" is not installed
    QObject::connect: Cannot connect Dashboard::DashWindow::tempChanged(QVariant) to (null)::onTempChanged(QVariant)@
    The errors are redirected to a text file. The application runs, but without the QQuickViews in it. Is it possible to build a static QML applicaiton?


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