Any easy way to moving project folder (*.pro.user)

  • I have read this link: "Movinged Project Folder": and am not satisfied by the answer.

    My problem is that, how can I move those settings in
    Many answers just say that it's machine/OS dependent, and they can not be copied.

    My situation is that, we are using the same OS (PC), installing Qt, etc, tools in the same path, ... etc.
    All environment is the same. Why can't I just copy it? In addition, sometimes I wan't to quickly check a version of my program, and thus clone it (git) to another folder, and want to do a quick check. But, the tedious thing is to manually compare the options, to make them all the same (since copying *.pro.user won't work).

    Is there any way to do it easier? Why can't project configurations like *.pro.user be stored in path relative to the project path?

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