How to show only one root folder in tree view

  • I am using QFileSystemModel in a tree view but I want to show only one folder view. I also want that folder to appear as the root folder (and no other sibling folders). I am doing something like this:

    @ QModelIndex rootIndex = dirModel->index( sourcePath );

    ui->treeViewFileSystem->setModel( dirModel );
    ui->treeViewFileSystem->setRootIndex( rootIndex );@

    With this I get the right view of folder that I want but that folder itself is not displayed as the root folder. How can have it displayed?

    I also tried rootIndex.parent() but than it shows all sibling folders of the parent. Also I am trying to show dotted lines in the tree view that emanates from root folder, will be nice.

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    the only way i can think of is that you use a QSortFilterProxyModel und filter out all siblings so that it is the only root node left.
    This should be just few lines of code.

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