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CAN protocol using Qt

  • Hi,

    I'm developing a system which has a CAN protocol interface but haven't found the corresponding libraries as in the case of Qserialport, can anyone please point me to the smaple code from where I can derive my appication


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    Qt does not have built-in support for the CAN protocol. You need to look for external libraries or create your own.

  • Hi, there exists nothing in Qt. But it's easy to implement it by your self. I did implement a Qt wrapper for handle CAN messages. My CAN wrapper wraps the socket provided by the libsocketcan which provides a CAN socket which can be used similar to linux network sockets. To get the libsocketcan working you need also the hardware specific driver for your CAN interface installed.

  • Hi sierdzio,
    Hi kuschky,

    Thanks for your valuable suggestions.

    kuschky, I'm using a linux on my embedded board and just checked the boot logs to conform CAN module is enabled and is fine.

    As i'm new to Qt can you please point out the sample code for the same.
    Also is CAN implementation the same way as to implementing i2c in Qt by writing on file systems(dev/i2c-0), or using CAN-utilities installed on the board will make my work simpler.

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