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Slow compilation in Qt Creator

  • Hello, I just installed Qt Creator 5.4 a few hours ago and I've been trying to find my way in it.
    I have only worked in C++ before, and now the compilation time in the Qt Creator seems so long.

    For only a plain console application with nothing written on it, it takes about 10 seconds to compile. For a Widget application with only one functionless button on the main window, it takes one minute to compile.
    Is there a way to fix this or do I have to get used to it? :)

    I'm using 32-bit Windows XP.

    While I drag a button across the grid of the window where I should put the buttons and stuff, I can't see the button or the cursor and it makes it very hard to place a button on the right place. What could cause that issue?

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    Qt build process is a bit more complicated (Qt Creator runs qmake, then make, which in turn executes the UI compiler, Meta Object compiler, Resource compiler, and then C++ compiler and linker). But still, it should not take that long. Please check whether your antivirus software is not getting in the way. Also, you can check (in project settings/ Qt Creator settings) whether you are using nmake or jom to perform the build - jom is faster.

    Or maybe it's some XP-specific thing, I don't know. It's been a few years since I last saw and XP machine.

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    [quote author="bheadmaster" date="1422383521"]I'm using 32-bit Windows XP.[/quote]What is your...

    • RAM?
    • CPU speed?
    • Age of your hard disk?
    • Compiler?

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