How to install the Qt5 official bundle from console?

  • Hello,

    I want to install the latest bundle of Qt5 in my Linux server (without X11 server). Looking for some non-gui silent option to run the installation, I tried:
    % ./ --help

    But I couldn't find any useful option. Is it possible to use this installer from my environment in some way? Thanks for any hint.

    PS: I don't want to use the Qt packages from my Linux distro.

  • Solution #1 (not so elegant) : To download the Qt bundle in a local Linux system WITH X11 and run the installer. Then, build a .tar file with the installation directory and upload it into the server.

    Although the trick works... I am not so proud of it :/

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    I think your workaround is the only way (if you do not want to compile Qt yourself), as the installer is not prepared for command line interaction.

    BTW. you might want to consider building Qt yourself - on a headless system you do not need the tools, GUI stuff, webkit, OpenGL dependency etc., so your installation size can be trimmed heavily.

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