Why there's no QNetworkReply::error signal?

  • Hello.

    The "documentation":http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/qt5-5.4/qnetworkreply.html#error-2 clearly says that there's a signal for QNetworkReply. I can't see it - in autocompletion there's only a function. Any attempt to connect to it results to compilation error.

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    when you provide some code and more probably infos (used Qt version, etc.) someone may be able to help you.

  • Sorry for confusion.

    QtCreator 3.3.0 with Qt 5.4.0.

    The code is:
    @QObject::connect(&reply, static_cast<void(QNetworkReply::*)(QNetworkReply::NetworkError)>(&QNetworkReply::error), &onReplyErrors);@

    Here onReplyErrors is a global function. On compilation I have:

    bq. error: C2665: 'QObject::connect' : none of the 4 overloads could convert all the argument types

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    The "&" in front of reply and onReplyErrors bother me a little.

    You usually get a pointer to QNetworkReply, not an instance of it so can you confirm you somehow got QNetworkReply object itself? Otherwise the first & shouldn't be there as it retrieves an address of a pointer, which is not good.

    Also, if onReplyErrors is a free standing function you don't need the extra & there (although it's not technically an error).

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    [quote author="nikitablack" date="1422373746"]
    Here onReplyErrors is a global function.
    -You can only connect to non-static MEMBER functions (slots) of a QObject-derived CLASS-.
    Nevermind, it's too early in the morning. ;)

  • Chris Kawa, you're right. Thank you. My bad - I copypasted this line but didn't notice that reply is a pointer. And the lack of this signal in autocompletion confused me.

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