Cannot set the application icon

  • Hello.
    I come here with, what seems like, a simple problem. I want to set the applicacion icon (not window icon) so that the .exe has an icon in the windows explorer. I read "here": how to do it, but none of both versions are working.

    @RC_ICONS = myappico.ico@
    This one does not even compile. It seems Qt does not recognize RC_ICONS as it is not highlighted in purple. (I have Qt 5). When compiling I get
    @[release/projectname_resource_res.o]Error 1@

    @IDI_ICON1 ICON DISCARDABLE "myappico.ico"@
    This one does compile, but the .exe lacks the icon.

    The icon is in .ico format and is in the same folder as the project.


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    Can you show the exact error you are getting ?

    What size/resolution are you using for your ico file ?

    Which version of Windows are you running on ?

  • You need to both:

    • create an .rc file (looking like your #2)
    • reference this rc file from your .pro file like this: @win32:RC_FILE = myapp.rc@

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