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"Setting up PySide" wiki

  • I don't have enough experience neither with Qt nor with Python ... yesterday I was installing PySide and it couldn't find my "Python installation in the registry" ( this has happened on Windows 7 ). After some searching I understand that this error happens if the installed Python is 64 bit version.

    I edited "the wiki page":, adding the info that it is needed a 32 bit version.

    The problem is that I'm not entirely sure that I'm is possibly with some registry editing to use the 64 bit version when a 32 is needed - this is generally, I haven't tried it with PySide...and manually editing the registry doesn't sound very interesting.

    Maybe (if I'm correct) this change should be in "PySide Binaries for Microsoft Windows": and not in the "Setting up PySide" wiki?

  • Moved here to increase the chance that the PySide people read it. :)

  • Hi! Your changes to the wiki are correct. I've added a warning to the second link (..Binaries for Windows..). As the PySide is generated for 32bits isn't possible to use a python 64 bits. Thanks for noticing that!

  • Sorry but I have edited your edit a little :)

    I changed "Windows (32bits):" to "Windows:" ... it is ok Windows to be 64 bit (mine is).

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