[GIVEN UP] Scoping Problem - how to explicitly access a parents property?

  • I have a strongly nested set of Items - here an abbreviated example:
    @Rectangle {
    ListView {
    model: A //a QQmlListProperty acting on a C++ list
    delegate: Rectangle {
    Rectangle {
    Button {
    text: model.propertyMadeVisibleFromC++
    ComboBox {
    model: B //some model specifically made for the ComboBox
    currentIndex: model.propertyMadeVisibleFromC++ - now I am accessing the wrong "model" and hence the requested property doesn't exist
    How could I access the ListView-model from within the ComboBox?

  • I switched to a GroupBox with lots of RadioButtons since I have to get this done. Doesn't look too bad, either. But if anybody ever finds out how to address a "model" of an ancestor from within a child that has its own "model", please let the rest of the world know!

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