Qthread or Qtimer is better.

  • Hi, i have an App with QT and i want every 1ms check if exist a querie to send some data to UART.
    Is it better to trigger the function with Qtimer or to make a thread to run in background ?
    I used the Qtimer but i think my processor is on fire!


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    1ms is overkill...
    beside when you are not on a realtime system you can't ensure 1ms precision.

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    As raven-worx pointed out, 1ms is not a good idea.

    And to answer your question: use QTimer if it does not eat up too much of your main thread (the application runs smoothly), otherwise you can consider a thread - but then still you need a QTimer in there, to control the frequency of query checks.

  • i am not sure if i need Qtimer.

    I want to check if a frame needs to transmitted and independence from the individual period of the frame. if the user wants a periodic frame every 3 ms, then the program needs to check if its time to send it.

    For this reason, Qtimer or thread?

  • I would use a thread. You can call the msleep(3) function between sending frames in a loop. (i.e. <send><sleep><send><sleep> ...)

    You might even be able to automatically calibrate the sleep time interval if you can measure how much time it takes to build and send the frame (to a resolution of 1ms which may not be good enough)

    I don't know if you can achieve 3ms time periods reliably if you are trying to build something to auto calibrate. To measure you will need a high resolution timer (for example, GetTickCount() in windows has a resolution of 10-16ms which is not good enough).

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