VS2013 add in doesn't work correctly

  • I'm trying to get qt to work for visual studio since I don't really like using any thing else but the add-in barely works for me. I'm using the vs2013 community edition and qt 5.4. I installed the visual studio add-in and set the qt directory for it. Whenever I go to make a new qt project, I can name the project and go through the qt wizard, but when I finish it goes right back to the create new project screen, the project got made but there's no default files in them and I get an error saying "unknown method"

  • Hi and welcome to devnet

    Not really anything I can help you with. I have made the experience that there are not so many VS supporters around.

    Did you consider switching from VS as IDE to Qt creator?
    The compiler and debugger you can still use also with Qt creator.

    For various reasons I have switched from VS2005 to Qt creator some time ago. I do not miss anything. However, I am using MinGW now.

  • I use Qt with VC and XCode without any problems and without any additional plug-ins. You can link with Qt in the same mode you link with any other libraries. Just mentioning that in addition to a regular library, if we need to moc or uic or rcc you need to add custom build step in the VC or XCode project for *.h or *.ui or *.rcc That's all ...

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