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[Fixed] Linking Errors - Qt5.4, Visual Studio 2013

  • I am new to C++/Qt and I am migrating one of our Qt4 projects built using Eclipse/mingw on windows and linux to Visual Studio so that we get x64 bit support. In that we have 2 projects, first one generating dll and lib file, and the second referencing lib of the first and generating dll. Before adding the lib, there were around 100 linking issues, and after adding it the number goes down to 30. When I verified other issues, they are still related to the same lib.

    Can someone help me on this one? I've been stuck since past 6 hours on this.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Without knowing that linking issues you are having it's pretty much Crystal Ball debugging. However the first thing to do with Qt 5 is to add the widgets module since the QWidget stuff has move to its own space.

    For the rest, please post the errors you are getting

  • Sorry for late reply. I've fixed the issue by changing the reference project type to build lib instead of dll. Even though its temporary fix, will look at it once I am done with my tasks. All the linking errors are internal to our project and that was the reason I couldn't post the code here.

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