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Camera on android problem

  • Hello! I use QCamera to get images from web-cam and process it. I use QAbstractVideoSurface derived class to get video frames. But this approach do not work on android. I saw recomendations on forum to use QML Camera. QML Camera example run on my android phone. But I can't find the way to get frames in my C++ class. QMetaObject from setSource has no property videoSurface. I wonder how CML Camera write video frames to VideoOutput. Is it possible to get frames in C++. Or may be there are other ways to do this task?

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    Hi and welcome devnet,

    There's currently no support for QCamera widget side on android, see "here":

    The best way would be to implement the backend for QCamera on android however I don't know the amount of work that it would require.

    What do you need to do with your application that would require QCamera ?

  • Thank you very much, SGaist.
    I think about move to QML declarative camera, but I have no idea how to pass video frames to c++.

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