Qt Assistant cannot open collection file

  • I was using Qt Assistant with Qt 4.8 under Ubuntu 12.04 without any problem. Yesterday, I upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04, and Qt Assistant couldn't start. It displayed several error message such as "Could not load translation file assistant_en_SG in directory /usr/share/qt4/translation". But I think the most serious error was "Cannot open collection file: '/home/leowwk/.local/share/data//assistant/Trolltech/Assistant/qthelpcollection_4.8.6.qhc".

    I manage to find qthelpcollection_4.8.1.qhc in another directory /home/leowwk/.local/share/data/Trolltech/Assistant. So, I tried copying qthelpcollection_4.8.1.qhc to /home/leowwk/.local/share/data//assistant/Trolltech/Assistant/qthelpcollection_4.8.6.qhc. Now Qt Assistant could at least start running but it reported more errors like "failed to add paths" and "Strange: Have 0 docs, but 6 are being watched" and finally core dumped.

    Any idea how to overcome this problem? Thanks a lot.

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