Frameless dialog on top of fullscreen frameless QGLWidget

  • I realized that if a QGLWidget is fullscreen and frameless, I can't make another frameless dialog on top of it.

    My application requires an opengl window in fullscreen frameless mode. on top of this opengl window, I want to show another frameless dialog as a toolbar, inside which, there are control buttons.

    everything works, if the opengl window is not fullscreen. as soon as I set the opengl window to fullscreen, it seems to block the toolbar dialog.

    I tried to set toolbar dialog always on top and tried to call raise(). nothing fixes the issue.

    I wonder if this is a limitation of opengl widget.

    btw, I'm using qt5.3.2. I know qt5.4 did some changes to the opengl code. not sure if that will fix the problem.

  • found this on Qt5.4 doc:

    While the API is very similar, there is an important difference between the two: QOpenGLWidget always renders offscreen, using framebuffer objects. QGLWidget on the other hand uses a native window and surface. The latter causes issues when using it in complex user interfaces since, depending on the platform, such native child widgets may have various limitations, regarding stacking orders for example. QOpenGLWidget avoids this by not creating a separate native window.

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