[SOLVED] Building Qt 5.4 on FreeBSD 10.1:failed to build qlalr

  • Hello, I try to build Qt 5.4 on FreeBSD 10.1 in release mode with the qmake.conf that I created for Qt 5.2.1.I have built libqt5core with a few corrections but I have a problem when building qlalr:undefined reference to backtrace symbols and undefined reference to backtrace. I have looked a the makefile of qlalr but I don't see why I have this error because I'm building in release mode.has someone an idea ?

  • I think I will remove the qlalr project of the src.pro of qtbase and configure and build qt again because qlalr is not used by qtbase....and I need only to build the module qtbase...

  • I have the same problem for the tools qtdbusxml2cpp and qtdbuscpp2xml and so I have built qplatformsupport without accessibility (but it's not a problem because I don't use these library in my application) but I have the same linking problem with uic (undefined reference to backtrace symbols and undefined reference to backtrace) and I couldn't build libqt5widgets and I must find a solution (I have built libqt5core,libqt5network,libqt5dbus,libqt5gui, but not libqt5widgets)

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What symbols are missing ?

  • Hi, backtrace symbols are missing but I think that my QT libraries are not well build because when I try to link them with the tools I have this error. I try to build Qt in shared release mode.the compiler on FreeBSD 10.1 is clang 3.4

  • The problem is solved,I have added -L/usr/lib -lexecinfo to the makefiles of the tools of Qt and I could compile the module Qtbase,the tools of Qtbase and other Qt librairies.but I added this too the makefile of my projects.so I think I should have add QMAKE_LIBS= -lexecinfo to the qmake.conf of my mkspecs(didn't try this last thing) to avoid adding this to each makefile.

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