No Valid kits found is coming while creating new Qt Console application

  • I have installed below

    1. "Qt Creator 3.3.0 for Windows (71 MB) (info)"
    2. "Qt 5.4.0 for Windows 64-bit (VS 2013, 720 MB) (info)"
    3. "Ultimate 2013 with Update 2013(Visual studio 2013)

    But while creating new project as "Qt Console application", i m getting error of "No Valid kit found".
    I m new to the Qt creator. I want to create project as console and GUI in QT.
    Do i need to set some environment variables for using this.

    While checking the setting in "Tools/options/Build & Run/" , i found

    1. There is no Qt version set.
    2. In Compiler section, i found the "Microsoft Visual C++ compiler 12.0(x86) and
      Microsoft Visual C++ compiler 12.0(amd64) and
      Microsoft Visual C++ compiler 12.0(x86_amd64)
    3. There is nothing selected in debugger section.
    4. There is nothing selected in CMake section.

    I want to start creating some project in Qt. Please help me out how to start creating project.

  • Hi,

    Nowadays Qt SDK also installs Qt Creator and that one automatically detects the installed Qt versions, i.e. populates the Qt page which is empty in your case, and also creates Kits matching detected Qt version with detected compilers.

    In your case, you seem to have installed a stand-alone Qt Creator after installing the Qt SDK and run that one. You need to manually populate Qt Versions page by clicking Add... and selection qmake.exe in the bin folder of the Qt installation. If you have Qt versions for different platforms/compiler versions/CPU architectures etc, you need to repeat to add them one by one.

    If you decide to remove the stand-alone Qt Creator and use the one in the Qt SDK, you may see that while removing itself Qt Craeator (de)installer removes the shortcuts in the Start menu. I am not on Windows right now, so I don't remember whether stand-alone and bundled versions of Qt Creator create the same shortcuts.

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    Hi, and welcome to the Qt Dev Net!

    [quote author="tarun.iitd" date="1421559159"]I have installed below

    1. "Qt Creator 3.3.0 for Windows (71 MB) (info)"[/quote]Uninstall "Qt Creator 3.3.0 for Windows (71 MB)".

    Like ckakman said, "Qt 5.4.0 for Windows 64-bit (VS 2013, 720 MB)" already contains a copy of Qt Creator. If you open this copy, you will see your kit.

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