SIGSEGV Segmentation fault while loading QMediaPlaylist

  • I am currently working on a music player.

    At one point, I save an m3u playlist file:
    @moodPlaylist->save(QUrl::fromLocalFile(QFileInfo("moods/" + moodName + ".m3u").absoluteFilePath()), "m3u");@
    This works flawlessly. The m3u file is created. The line is bound to a button.

    I then show the filenames in a QListWidget. On the clicked() slot, I try to load a playlist:
    @currentMoodPlaylist->load(QUrl::fromLocalFile(QFileInfo("moods/" + ui->moodList->currentItem()->text() + ".m3u").absoluteFilePath(), "m3u");@
    Because of this line, I get the Segmentation fault.

    I understand that I try to access memory that somehow doesn't belong to my app. However, I don't quite understand where the problem is in my case...

  • Hi,

    How can one find out what's wrong looking at a line like
    QFileInfo("moods/" + ui->moodList->currentItem()->text() + ".m3u").absoluteFilePath()

    So many pointers!

    To debug such issues, first break this chain of calls. Assign each value to a variable. Find out which one causes the segfault. If you don't understand the reason this way then create a project that reproduces your issue and upload it somewhere. Post the link here.

  • Thanks for your reply. I just did what you suggested:

    @QString playlistName = ui->moodList->currentItem()->text();
    QString playlistPath = QFileInfo("moods/" + playlistName + ".m3u").absoluteFilePath();
    currentMoodPlaylist->load(QUrl::fromLocalFile(playlistPath), "m3u");

    The seg fault is still caused by the load() line.

    However as it turns out, it doesn't even matter what I do, as soon as I reference the currentMoodPlaylist, I get a seg fault. For example I tried:
    (No pointers this time ;)). Same error. It is set like that in my mainwindow.h:
    QMediaPlaylist *currentMoodPlaylist;@

  • What do you mean by "set"? I just see a pointer there. Don't you instantiate a QMediaPlaylist object somewhere in your project, preferably in the constructor of the containing object?

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