Connection signals/slots of a sublcass

  • I'm working on a project where there is this interface called "ColorChooser." It is an abstract baseclass, with a signal "colorChanged," that is used to notify that the color the user has entered into the widget has changed. For example, I have a few sublcasses called "RGBWheel," and "HSVWheel," that implement the interface.

    Now, for some reason when I connect the signals and slots like in the first block the slot isn't being picked up on the signal emission. Yet If I connect them like in the second block, the slot does pickup on the signal
    // Doesn't work
    ColorChooser *cc = new RGBWheel(this);
    connect(cc, &ColorChooser::colorChanged, app, &App::onColorChanged);

    // But this does
    connect((RGBWheel *)cc, &RGBWheel::colorChanged, app, &App::onColorChanged);

    Can someone explain to me what I might be doing wrong here where I can't use the first method? Or is it completely impossible to connect signals/slots in that manner?

    EDIT: fixed issue, see below.

  • My Bad,

    Accidentally redeclared in the "colorChanged," signal in the RGBWheel class delcration.

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