[solved] How to expand widget in other widget without using layout?

  • Hi,
    I have one widget (QWidget) that contains QScrollArea widget (I needed scroll bars for my program).
    I have problem with QScrollArea that doesn't fit to its parent (QWidget) - area should have the same size as QWidget. Probably I can do this by installing a resizing filter, but I was wondering if there is other way to do this?
    I can't use layout, because my QWidget could be resized to its minimum size (until I don't see any childs inside it, practically the height is near to 0). When I use layout I can't resize widget to minimum because scrollbars prevent from this - in that situation I can minimize QWidget only to size when scrollbar is minimum.
    I don't know if I explain it clearly, but if not please write I will try to do this better.

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    did you notice "QScrollArea's 'widgetResizable' property":http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qscrollarea.html#widgetResizable-prop ?
    If i understood you correct thats what you want... but probably i did not :)

  • just reimplement resizeEvent() in your containg QWidget, and get the geometry of your contained QScrollArea manually in that code.

  • Raven-worx: setting widgetResizable to true allows to resize QScrollArea to it child widget (I assume that from docs). I want to resize that area to it's parent.

    Andre: Previously I was thinking about writing filter, but creating my own class that inherits QWidget was the best solution, thanks.

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