QNetworkAccessManager crashes only in install version

  • Hello there,

    Simply put, the application I am building crashes when it tries to instantiate a QNetworkAccessManager. The application works fine in both the debug and release version of the software using QtCreator, and even running the .exe's right from the build directory. However, as soon as the package is bundled (with Inno Setup, if it matters) and installed into a different directory on my computer, the QNetworkAccessManager becomes an issue.

    I copied over the "bearer" folder to my application directory as suggested by "this thread":http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/51074 that linked to "Deploy an Application on Windows":http://qt-project.org/wiki/Deploy_an_Application_on_Windows but nothing changed.

    My project file contains QT += network, the DLL Qt5Network.dll is in the application directory.

    If the code context is necessary, I can post it, but I presume it's an issue with something I forgot to include in the installer.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Maybe a silly question but are you compiling your application in release mode ?

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    your application starts up as expected?
    You know that it crashes when QNetworkAccessManager is instantiated. Are you connected with a debugger?
    Maybe you have copied over the wrong Qt dlls which you haven't linked against (e.g. different Qt version)?

  • @SGaist: Silly questions are usually the right ones to ask! But yes, the application that fails to run was compiled with release mode.

    @raven-worx: Yes, it does start up as expected, and the rest of it works absolutely fine.
    I am not connected to a debugger; instead I hacked together a logging system that opens, writes, and closes a file. The last line written is from right before "new QNetworkManager" and the first line missing is the line right after.
    I'm pretty sure I have only one Qt version, but it's always good to check. How do I check what application is linking against?

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    Again a silly question, but, did you check that you have the correct plugins folder name ?

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