Background image for data visualization.

  • Hi,

    I'm playing a bit with Qt5.4's data visualization features and can't achieve one thing. I would like e.g. Bars3D to be displayed together with standard qml elements, sitting above the same background image.
    Currently Bars3D have white background and it looks poorly.
    Is there any option or trick to achieve what I am looking for?

  • Thanks. Could you be more specific?
    I have checked this before posting but couldn't find anything helpful.
    I can play with backgroundColor, backgroundEnabled or windowColor but all I get is different color of background under Bars3D.
    It looks like I can only change value for glClearColor that is probably called under the hood.
    I have also tried to play with renderMode property, but if I change it from default value, graph is always under other elements and thus not visible. It seems that if renderMode isn't indirect, graph is always rendered as first element and covered later by other qml elements as rectangles or images.
    I would like to set graph over Image{} and use this image as a background.
    Is it possible to do so with Qt5.4?

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