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[Solved] Gitorious + Compiling

  • I've downloaded a copy of the master branch from gitorious.

    Now I want to compile the code into an LGPL version of Qt, like I do with my qt-opensource-anywhere version.

    I usually go into my Visual Studio command prompt and type configure, then when that's done nmake.

    Then I build the projects source and viola, Qt.

    With Gitorious I download the repository, go into the command prompt and when I configure it complains that qconfigure can't find <QtCore/qconfigure.h> .

    Removing the QtCore solves that particular error. Then of course every other file with a prefix error's out.

    Does anyone know where to find the docs on how to do this? I searched for hours online and in the workflow section of qt gitorious. It explains all about how you can merge and nothing about how you build. Passive-aggressive rage enabled.

  • When compiling from git you have to manually run the syncqt script. That, in turn, requires Perl in your path (since you're under Windows, install ActivePerl).

  • Amazingly simple. Thank you.

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