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Help to solve an xlsx file with QAxObject

  • Hey guys!

    I have been looking for a way to open xlsx files and I found the solution on this very forum. I actually manage to open an xlsx file and to read it with this code :

    includes : qaxobject, qaxwidget, qapplication, ActiveQt/QAxBase, ActiveQt/QAxObject

    .pro: QT+=axcontainer, CONFIG += axcontainer

    QAxObject* excel = new QAxObject("Excel.Application");
    excel->setProperty("Visible", false);

        QAxObject* workbooks = excel->querySubObject("WorkBooks");  
        workbooks->dynamicCall("Open (const QString&)", QString("D:\\BA.xlsx")); //filename  
        QAxObject* workbook = excel->querySubObject("ActiveWorkBook");  
        QAxObject* worksheets = workbook->querySubObject("WorkSheets");  
        QAxObject* worksheet = workbook->querySubObject("Worksheets(int)", 1); //worksheet number  
        QAxObject* usedrange = worksheet->querySubObject("UsedRange");  
        QAxObject* rows = usedrange->querySubObject("Rows");  
        QAxObject* columns = usedrange->querySubObject("Columns");  
        int intRowStart = usedrange->property("Row").toInt();  
        int intColStart = usedrange->property("Column").toInt();  
        int intCols = columns->property("Count").toInt();  
        int intRows = rows->property("Count").toInt();  
        QAxObject * cell;  
    //    QString s;  
    //    for (int i = intRowStart; i < intRowStart + intRows; i++)  
    //    {  
    //        for (int j = intColStart; j < intColStart + intCols; j++)  
    //        {  
    //            cell = excel->querySubObject("Cells(Int, Int)", i, j );  
    //            QVariant cellValue = cell->dynamicCall("value");  
    //            s += QString::number(i)+  
    //                    " "+QString::number(j)+  
    //                    " "+  
    //                    cellValue.toString()+"\n" ; //value of the cell  
    //        }  
    //    }  
    //    qDebug() << s;  
        cell = excel->querySubObject("Cells(Int, Int)", 11, 2 );  
        QVariant cellValue2 = cell->dynamicCall("value");  
        qDebug() << cellValue2.toString();  
        cellValue2.setValue(10) ; //value of the cell  
        qDebug() << cellValue2.toString();  
        workbook->dynamicCall("SaveAs (const QString&)", QString("D:\\test.xlsx"));  
        excel->setProperty("DisplayAlerts", 0);  
        workbook->dynamicCall("Close (Boolean)", false);  
        delete excel;  
        return;  @

    If you try this code, it should work for opening and reading an xlsx file.
    Moreover, with this, I manage to modify the cells, and it seems (qDebug) working. However, when i try to save the modified worksheet, it creates the exactly same .xlsx than the one I opened at the begining of my code.
    Do you have a clue of what I could try?

    In addition, I don't know why, but when I execute this code, it never ends, and I have to manually interrupt the process, any idea?

    Thank you very much guys!

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