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LinkClicked signal of QWebView is not effective in AspX page!!!

  • I am developing an inline Webbrowser. I want to get the url when I click it. The website I visit is developed by asp.net. I Use QWebView.linkclicked signal, but it can not step into my custom events, this is code fragment

    connect( view->page(), SIGNAL(linkClicked(const QUrl&)),this, SLOT(myClicked(const QUrl&)));

    I want to konw why? Is it a bug?

    Hoping reply~

    Edit: Please use @ tags around code; Andre

  • Can you wrap your code in @ tags? Also, are you sure that the link target is actually a page, and does not instead trigger some piece of JS code?

  • Try this:

    connect( view, SIGNAL(linkClicked(QUrl)), this, SLOT(myClicked(QUrl)) );@

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