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QML & C++: New declarative state machines in mobile apps

  • Hi all,

    I'm curious about how to use the new Declarative State Machine Framework introduced with Qt 5.4 in a real-world C++ and QML smartphone app. There seem to be no tutorials or anything yet. I've read the documentation, but it only covers the very simple aspects. There seems to have been a good talk by Kevin Funk "Introduction to the Declarative State Machine Framework (DSM)" at QtDevDays2014, but I couldn't find a video or slides of the talk.

    So my question is: Can anyone point me to good resources on how to use the new DSM framework stuff for screen transitions and stuff like that in a mobile app?

    Thank you!

  • Hi,

    There is "this": lengthy introductory document in Qt documentation. Isn't it detailed enough for you?

  • Yep, that's was I was referring to. It's a good start, but it got me nowhere trying to use it in a mobile app for doing screen transitions. Having an example here would really help.

  • Declarative SM Framework is built on top the C++ SM Framework. You may find C++ examples useful.

    A SM transition can be used to trigger anything, be it a screen transition, network message, file operation etc. If your comfortable with manually triggered screen transitions, you can let the SM trigger that for you, however if the user is the source for screen transitions, an SM may be an overkill.

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