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Qt appearance issues

  • While this question involved PyQt, I don't believe my issue is python related so I'm posting it here.

    So I am running Ubuntu 14.04 (Unity) and have been writing an application with PyQt4 (Python 2.7). The way that PyQt gets themed by the system's window manager (Which is gtk based in Unity) is bewildering me.

    I have provided 3 example images below. The first is the application I have been writing (with python 2.7/PyQt4). You can see that it looks awful; all the fonts are bold, the menu bar is not being placed in Unity's global menu bar, etc.

    The second image is a screen shot of an application called Veusz ( Veusz is run with python 2.7 (the shebang line in /usr/bin/veusz points to python 2.7) and also PyQt4. Looking at the screenshot, it looks exactly correct and following the system theme.

    The third image is for completeness, it is a quick simplified mockup I did of my application, but with c++/Qt. This one also looks correct and follows the system theme.

    So my question is, why is my application being themed incorrectly? I am using the exact same imports as Veusz does.

    Example 1: The image below is a screen shot of my (incomplete) PyQt4 application:

    Example 2: This image is of a application called veusz, which is using the same python version, PyQt4 version (and imports):

    Example 3: This image is a quick mockup of the first image, but written in c++/Qt.

  • Have you tried setting the Qt look and feel with qtconfig-qt4. Don't know if it will work but it is probable worth a try

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