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QT and OpenCV for Windows 7 64bit - What to rebuild and which MinGW and CMake versions to use?

  • Everyone seems to use different terms and phrases for this, so bear with me if I sound confused. I want to develop some Windows apps with QT. I read alot about installation and rebuilding, but remain confused. OpenCV comes a package and includes MinGW of some version.

    I assume QT, coming with the installer pkg, runs under Windows without rebuilding, but does it need to be rebuilt to use add-ons for OpenCV (are there any?). Is that correct?

    I assume that OpenCV needs to be rebuilt to interface with QT libraries and the QT widgets. Is that correct? (I have rebuilt OpenCV before, but without QT being in place.)

    Which version of MinGW and CMake should I be using, - QT's or OpenCV's, or CMake's, or does that matter?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You don't need to rebuild Qt, it's OpenCV that depends on Qt. As for the compiler, I'd use the same as Qt.

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