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QAbstractItemModel, flags and a QTreeView

  • When developing a QTreeView that need to change the flags (Qt::ItemFlags) for each item depending on the application state I encountered the following problem.

    Suppose I select 5 items in the tree view. The event selectionChanged is emitted normally for the 5 items. The user then click in a button that will perform some processing on those items in the background. While the process is going on I would like to disable the selected items so the user cannot do anything with the 5 selected items.

    To accomplish this I used the QAbstractItemModel::flags() method to return only the flag Qt::ItemIsSelectable. In the tree view the items are selected. But when I click in a new item the event selectionChanged doesn't inform that the previously selected items were deselected.

    Is this Qt's normal behavior?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Do you mean that visually they are not selected anymore and not part of the deselected value from selectionChanged ?

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