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QFileDialog and restriction use

  • is it possible to do something for forbid to see outside of defined directory ?
    better, for do the obligation of stay inside a define directory and his sub-directories ?

    my idea is, for the user, to a general general directory of the application (in the configuration wondow) and then, each time the user create a project in the application, he has to choose or create by the QFileDialogBox a directory inside this one for the new project (or for some other new creations).

  • When using the Qt-based variant (which IMHO looks horrible and outdated), I think this could be achieved. With the native dialogs: I don't think so.

  • ok so... i need to construct my own QFileDialog browser...
    maybe this could be alos an occasion to constrcut a visual graphic view of the content sized...
    ok thanks.

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