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Menu/ComboBox draw issues

  • I am making a Qt quick application and am having some trouble with the popups for menus and ComboBoxs. As I mouse over the popup area for either control (when selecting an item from the list) the entire contents of the popup keeps disappearing and reappearing. Its not just quickly flickering but completely disappearing for extended periods, the popup often doesn't fickler at all the contents is just gone. If is stop moving the mouse the drawing appears to stop changing and stays with whatever state it was previously in (showing or invisible). Another strange thing about this is the drop shadow for the popup is usually visible the entire time this is happening. I have run my programs on multiple different windows based systems and the behavior seems to vary from install to install. One computer doesn't seem to have any issues at all. These computers are a mix of Windows 7 and XP machines. I was wondering if anyone knows what could be causing this? Since the behavior is pretty consistent between the two controls I believe it is related. I don't seem to have any other drawing issues in my program. I built my program with Qt 5.2. I have a feeling it is a opengl issue but I'm not sure what is going wrong.

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