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Qsqltablemodel incompatible data types

  • I have a simple form with button and some line edits and listview.
    In listview users can select items and in line edits edit their parameters.

    int row = listView->selectionModel()->currentIndex().row();
    QString text = ui->lineEdit->text();
    sqlTableModel->submitAll(); //when this line is execeute i get an error

    QODBCResult::exec: Unable to execute statement: "[Microsoft][SQL Native Client][SQL Server]The data types varchar(max) and ntext are incompatible in the equal to operator. [Microsoft][SQL Native Client][SQL Server]Statement(s) could not be prepared."

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    Issue is coming from Microsoft SQL where nnext is deprecated nvarchar. You can hit the google and fix this issue with Microsoft SQL. I saw many solutions available for this to fix. You can check the following link as well.


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