How to add many additional files in subdir(s) to deployment on windows?

  • Hi,

    isn't there a simple way to add many addiontional files (or directories) to the deployment-directory?

    My Problem: I wan't to provide a large number of files (images) with my Qt-Executable, realtive to it.

    I found the following solution for symbian at "":
    @myFiles.sources = images*
    myFiles.path = c:\data\images
    DEPLOYMENT += myFiles@

    But isn't there a way to do this on windows?
    (The ressource System isn't a way for me, because the files change dynamically in the subdirs)

  • Qt does not contain a setup solution for windows. You will have to pull that together yourself. I am using Inno Setup, and that works fine for me, but there are plenty of other choices.

  • I discovered Inno Setup thanks to Andre, and it works very well, covering almost all the options a professional setup needs.

    ... If I can deploy an application, but unfortunately my problem remain unsolved at the actual date.

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