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ListView with TextInput delegate is very slow

  • I have a simple ListView that has a delegate with a plain TextInput as its only component. There are 30 rows. I've noticed that scrolling is painfully slow versus using a delegate with a Text component instead. I've increased the cacheBuffer on the listview, but that does not seem to help at all. What else can I do to possibly speed up the scrolling? I'm running this on a desktop currently with plenty of CPU & RAM processing. It is equally slow on the embedded ARMv7.

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    Which Qt Version/OS are you trying on ? Also can you post the code so that others can test it ?

  • I don't know the cause of the slowdown, but as a tip I would suggest you simply use a Text item for the delegate, and add a Loader which only creates a and replaces it with a TextInput when the delegate is pressed.

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