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N8 fingerprint match

  • good day, im mew in the QT, I have been looking for a SDK or something to make a aplication for symbian on nokia's N8, but dont find nothing, Somebody have expriences whit it??

    Im thankfull for any help...

  • Did you install the Qt SDK 1.1 beta? That should have everything to get you started. You can download the online installer, and just select the parts you need.

    I just don't get the connection between your question subject and the contents of your question. Could you explain that a bit more?

  • excuse me, I wrote bad.

    This a situation, I work whit SDK for windows for finger match, "I use neurotegnology's verifiger", this SDK id used to obtain and match fingerprint.

    I need to know if exist a desing some SDK as verifinger for QT, in desing for symbian.

    Thanks for your prompt response.

  • No. No body I know has come across a finger print SDK for symbian (There is a fun app on ovistore though- which is just for fun). I think probably because it would require heavy processor not suitable for mobile hardware. The most that symbian mobile can do is recognize barcodes and 2dcodes and text images.

  • It just isn't possibly with the current hardware. N8 has a capacitive screen - it works because of the electrical charges in our fingers ( or whatever one use for typing :D ) . The display can't distinguish our fingerprints.

    "A really nice thread saying why it isn't possible in the present time.":

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