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Rearranging Items contained in GridLayout?

  • Is there some recommended way how to achieve the following?
    I do use GridLayout populated with Items (in fact interpreting language icons dynamically created from C++), which are arranged based on :

    1. columns count (to automatically wrap long rows)
    2. multiple rows (to allow programmer to split "code" into logical sections.

    Now I need to insert new command not at the end of last row, but right before (or after if it would get easier) other (user selected) icon. I have pointer to the icon Item ready, however I did not find any API functionality to rearrange Items in GridLayout. (After some googling I understood (maybee wrong), that stackBefore() just rearranges Z-order, but not the order Items are displayed inside GridLayout.)

    In several posts recommended strategy "remove all Items and add them all into GridLayout again in the newly requested order" seems a bit stone age to me and I will use it as fall back strategy, but not before I will get confirmation here that there is no more sophisticated alternative in QML API.

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    GridLayout doesnot have any insert methods. Instead if you use GridView, you can provide a C++/QML model where you can insert Items at any particular location.

  • Thanks for advice. I did not dig into QML model/view API yet, but will do as this my project is partly intended as hands on training for Qt. Will come back with my experience/solution once I get so far.

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    Ok. Take your time and Happy Coding! :)

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