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Compiling Qt 5.4 statically and still have -opengl dynamic

  • Hello.

    This is fairly new I know, but I've been drooling for something like dynamic opengl since Qt 5.1 came out (i.e qt built with configure -opengl dynamic so we could use the software based opengl from mesa llvmpipe).

    It finally happened in Qt 5.4.0, but I can't get it to compile with Qt statically. I have some doubts:

    1) Is The fact that I'm trying to compile Qt statically and still get -opengl dynamic to work not the right thing to ask for? I'm getting errors like (and many other functions):
    .\qwindowseglcontext.cpp(236) : error C2039: 'glActiveTexture' : is not a member of '`global namespace''

    2) If 1 above doesn't hold true then how can I compile Qt statically and use mesa llvmpipe?

    In all cases above I'm getting errors when compiling Qt statically either on compile times (missing gl.. functions) or link time (missing gl.... symbols).

    Thank you.

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