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Necessary DLLs for Windows deployment.

  • I was proud of myself when I compiled and run an exe on windows using Qt. Then I moved the executable and all of its DLLs to another computer and it wouldn't run. I spent a few hours on IRC in #Qt and couldn't get an answer that would work. My idea is just to get a list of dependencys from people on this forum for the most basic Qt program. Is this possible? I undetstand that I need to include many DLLs just for C++ by itself, but that shouldn't be a problem!

    Please help me, I'm going crazy for Qt.

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    Did you already follow this fine wiki "entry": ?

    Did you try the windeployqt tool ?

  • Yes I used that firstly to build my origonal project, but I will try again. I havent tried the windeployqt tool, but someone told me I should. The problem I am having with it is that it only runs in the console, and all the computers I use have the console blocked. Don't ask me why, but it has to do with the library. Do you have any other ideas please?


  • Did you solve your problem?
    What I do is either use the windows Dependency walker which I am sure you know about "(depends.exe)..":
    I just put my new Qt .exe in a new folder and rename my Qt install folder to something other than its usual name. Run my new .exe and see what dll it says it can't find. I then search the Qt install folder for those missing dlls. You need to be careful because some things need to be in a sub folder of a specific name etc. This is described in the link given by SGaist.

    This is all a bit tedious the first time around but once you get it it does not change much.

    I hope this is of some help to you.

  • Thanks, I will try this tommorow. I can only work on this while I am at the public library, right now which is kind of lame. I can't run searches or open up cmd.exe. Any other ideas?

  • I'm at the library now, and everything is working fine. I just followed your instructions exactly, and everything compiled.

  • I am glad I able to be of some help.

    Happy New Year.

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