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Froglogic looking for experienced C++ and Java Developers in Hamburg, Germany

  • We are froglogic, a small software company in Hamburg, Germany with currently ca. 20 employees. Our flagship product is Squish ( ), the automated, cross-platform GUI Test Automation tool for a range of GUI technologies including Qt, Java GUIs, Web, native Windows and Mac OS X, iOS CocoaTouch and more.

    We are looking for experienced C++ and Java developers to strengthen our team of highly skilled software engineers. We are an engineer-driven company with flat hierarchies offering a creative and dynamic work environment and a big variety of technologies and platforms to work on.

    We are looking for developers who are highly skilled in C++ and/or Java and are comfortable working on different operating systems. Additional knowledge of scripting languages, C#, Qt and other GUI frameworks is of advantage.

    Please send your job applications (which must include example source code of a project you worked on and are specially proud of) to

    Reginald Stadlbauer
    CEO, froglogic GmbH

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