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Help me decide which ORDBMS should I use

  • Hi I'm working in this project by myself and I got stuck when I had to choose the ORDBMS. I have to develop an app for managing Requests for Payment Instrument (RPI), this doc is used to generate paychecks for paying bills in my company. The users that will use my app are stored in a LDAP server, so I only have to assign them roles in my database. I had planned to use MySQL as the ORDBMS but I found that in the community server, one can't create roles. So I do some digging and found that PostgreSQL does have this feature. Now I had never used Postgre so I would have to start learning how to work with it, no problem but it would be nice if someone told me how to overcome this problem in MySQL.

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    Since you already know MySQL, you should take a look "MariaDB":https://mariadb.org

  • Although I found this way is suitable for my project I cannot use it because I'm not allowed to install a new database service. Right now I can only choose between MySQL 5.5 y PostgreSQL 8.4.9, both services are running on Centos 5.8. Would you please help me decide what service should I use for my app? For now my app will be deployed for windows, XP mostly. If you require further info to make any statement about the matter please don't hesitate to ask, I do appreciate any kind of help.
    I read a comparison about this two ORDBMS, it seems that PostgreSQL could be more convenient, since it not only has the role feature I require, but it can also handle bigger databases. I will still appreciate any feedback since this is my first time developing a large project.
    I apologize if my English writing isn't the best. I'm from Cuba so this is not my native language.

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    Your english's good, don't worry about it.

    Then go for PostgreSQL. From a pure usage point of view, when using Qt's abstraction it won't make a difference whether you use MySQL or PostgreSQL unless you need to do some lower level stuff.

  • I will then follow your advice. One more thing, someone suggest me I should use LDAP group membership to map to my users roles. This way I can leave the user role out of the ORDBMS. Like I say this is my first time developing a large project and I still have a lot to learn but IMHO I think this approach is quite good. Again I inquire your opinion over the matter, your feedback have been quite valuable for me.

  • I did some digging and found I can use an LDAP authentication in PostgreSQL 8.4. To do so I only have to put the users that are allowed in my app to this ORDBMS. It all fits now, I will use PostgreSQL 8.4 as my database server. Still if someone has a better idea, I'm open to it.

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    Delegating the user management to a dedicated service is indeed a good idea. You'll be able to integrate your solution more easily.

  • I'm grateful with your approval.

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