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Cmake never links to _iphonesimulator libraries

  • Hi,
    Qts cmake scripts from Qt5.4.0/5.4/ios/lib/cmake/ never link to _iphonesimulator postfixed libraries, only to device ones. Most ios libraries Ive worked with use a single fat binary for arm/x64, but Qt splits them into two separate libs for some reason. Also it looks like the cmake scripts are autogenerated, is the generator available somewhere? It should be quite easy to add the _iphonesimulator to library list in the generator.

  • Hi Soth,

    Noticed the same thing yesterday when looking at this stuff. From past experience the CMake support doesn't get the greatest of love but someone must still be maintaining it. You could try the mailing list - I've had a little more luck there for these more technical questions in the past.

    I've recently been looking at building using the after having success doing something similar for Android builds so I'd be interested in anything you find out.


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