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QWebEngineSettings missing attributes of QWebSettings?

  • I am converting a program from QWebView to QWebEngineView. In the original code I set a couple of attributes of the QWebSettings that I cannot find in the QWebEngineSettings doc (

    Specifically: in QWebSettings there is a setting JavaEnabled, which I would like to set False, but I do not find this documented for QWebEngineSettings.

    Also, QWebSettings has a PluginsEnabled attribute which is not documented for QWebEngineSettings, even though the QWebEngineSettings doc says, "QWebEngineSettings allows configuration of browser properties, such as ... JavaScript and plugins." I would like to specifically disable Flash for this app.

    Also, QWebSettings offers PrivateBrowsingEnabled which prevents caching, this also is not documented for QWebEngineSettings. Is this feature not supported with QWebEngine?

    Dave Cortesi

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    Looking at the source code and the "browser application example": I believe these are not implemented yet (or maybe not stable enough yet?).
    The example contains a lot of #ifdefed out code e.g.
    #if defined(QTWEBENGINE_PLUGINS)
    so my guess would be that these features are coming back in some future releases.

  • Hmmm. Thanks for the pointer to the browser example. Two of those ifdefs respond directly to my questions above,
    @#if defined(QTWEBENGINE_PLUGINS)
    ...if (globalSettings->testAttribute( QWebEngineSettings::PrivateBrowsingEnabled))...

    How or where could I find out what Web Engine features are missing and planned? Is there a WebEngine timeline of some kind?

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    Good question. I suppose the easiest would be to ask the devs themselves on the "mailing list":

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