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Qt Quick components for Symbian Technology Preview - Known issues / Troubleshooting

  • To get more information about Qt Quick components for Symbian Technology Preview, please visit in:

    • Qt Creator Designer in Qt SDK 1.1 Release Candidate does not support Qt Quick components. This is planned for upcoming releases.

    • Qt Creator has some issues in autocompletion
      ** Eg. in case of the Button component/element, autocompletion does not derive properties from an Item like width, height and anchors

    • On Windows, the Music Player example application requires Qt Mobility/Multimedia support on your desktop target
      ** Please download sources and follow build instructions included in the package: http://qt.nokia.com/products/qt-addons/mobility

    • Qt Creator code editor may display a random "qmldump.exe" error notificationwhen installing Qt Quick components

    • On Symbian, the Qt Quick components need quite high capabilities
      ** This introduces some issues for developers who would like to re-compile the Qt Quick components and install them to a device
      ** The Techology Preview delivery has a ready-signed sisx package of the Qt Quick Components, which can be installed to Symbian^3 devices.

    • Windows desktop: Some issues with playback of Music Player example application on Windows environment. Works fine on device, tested on N8.

    • Running Gallery example on the Simulator does not work with shadow build enabled

  • Ah, finally a decent status bar :)

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